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“A promotion intended to create goodwill for a person or institution”

Technical definitions…Confusing jargon…….The fact of the matter is CBF can help you increase
your business and your company profile.

When you mention 'public relations' most people think about certain channels of communication: particularly editorial publicity, sponsorships, and 'launch events' for new products. This is not surprising; as this is the way many PR firms think and act as well.

However, this is not the only way of thinking about PR.

By definition from the Institute of Public Relations:

'Public Relations practice is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics.'
Public Relations is the process of creating positive awareness of a company, product, service, event, person or anything else, in the mind of a target audience (the market), often using the media.

Public Relations mean many things to many people. We simply like to define it as how an organisation manages its relationships with its various publics or audiences.

While most people think that Public Relations is all about getting good publicity, the news media is just a vehicle to deliver your messages to your publics and audiences – there are other vehicles to deliver your message such as community meetings, public hearings and others.

Public Relations are often the first line of defence or offence in educating your publics and audiences about your organisation and its mission and vision.

'It's a miracle if they find you'

Public relations are not limited to certain media, and it is not focused on promoting products.

Public relations can and should use any media, including TV, print advertising and depending on the field in which it operates, there will be others. A school board will have parents, students and taxpayers. A food producer may have farmers, marketing boards, dieticians and consumer associations. A registered charity will have donors and volunteers. All, at one time or another, will deal with the mass media. In order to manage these relationships, our clients rely on the counsel and professional skills of CBF, who understand the dynamics of inter-group relations and who know when and how to communicate effectively.

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